PUBLISHER:  Puke N Vomit
Adicts - Smart Alex LP
Adicts - Sound Of Music LP
Adicts - Twenty-Seven LP
Appendix - Top Of The Pops LP
Blood, the - Spattered LP
Chaos UK - Chaos U.K. LP LP
Crack - In Search Of... LP
Crazy - No Chance LP
Defiance - No Future No Hope LP
Don't No - Incite The Riot LP
Ejected - A Touch Of Class LP
Krays, the - Inside Warfare LP
Major Conflict - NYHC 1983 LP
Pure Hell - Noise Addiction LP
RF7 - Weight Of The World LP
Sedicion - Extintos LP
Sin 34 - Do You Feel Safe ? LP
Stiffs - Singles LP
The Lewd - American Wino LP
The Mad Are Sane - Reality LP
The Scam - Sic World LP
V/A - A Country Fit For Heroes LP
V/A - Public Service LP
V/A - Sudden Death LP