Adem - Homesongs LP
Animal Collective - Peacebone 12"
Black Dice - Mr. Impossible LP
Bonde Do Role - With Lasers CD
Bonnie Prince Billy - Beware LP
Bonnie Prince Billy - Beware CD
Calvi, Anna - Eliza 7"
Calvi, Anna - One Breath LP
Calvi, Anna - S/T CD
Clinic - Second Line 7"
Correcto - S/T CD
Flipper - Gone Fishin' CD
Four Tet - Paws 12"
Four Tet - Remixes 2X CD
Fridge - The Sun CD
Grant Hart - The Argument 2X LP
Holter, Julia - Tragedy 2X LP
Hot Chip - In Our Heads 2X LP
Juana Molina - Un Día CD
Pavement - Wowee Zowee 2X CD
Pram - Somniloquy CD
Psapp - Tiger, My Friend CD
Quasi - Featuring Birds CD
Quasi - Hot Shit CD
Queens Of The Stone Age - S/T CD
Sebadoh - Defend Yourself CD
Smith, Elliott - New Moon 2X CD
Smog - Burning Kingdom CD
Smog - Dongs Of Sevotion CD
Smog - Julius Caesar CD
Smog - Red Apple Falls CD
Smog - Wild Love CD
Tricky - Knowle West Boy LP
V/A - All The Rage CD
V/A - All The Rage 10"
Wild Beasts - Smother LP
Wyatt, Robert - Drury Lane 2X LP