VYDAVATEL:  Temporary Residence
Beak> - Beak>> 2X LP
Bellini - Small Stones LP
Bellini - Small Stones CD
Books - Music For A French Elevator 2X LP
Canon Blue - Rumspringa LP
Caroline - Verdugo Hills LP
Coliseum - Goddamage LP
Coliseum - Parasites LP
Coliseum - Parasites CD
Contact - First Contact LP
Damsel - Distressed LP
Damsel - Distressed CD
Drift - Blue Hour 2X LP
Drift - Memory Drawings 2X LP
Drift - Noumena 2X LP
Drift - Streets / Nozomi 12"
Eluvium - An Accidental Memory CD
Eluvium - Copia CD
Eluvium - Leaves Eclipse The Light CDEP
Eluvium - Nightmare Ending 2X CD
Eluvium - Similes CD
Envy - A Dead Sinking Story 2X LP
Envy - Insomniac Doze 2X LP
Envy - Recitation 2X LP
Envy / Thursday - Split LP + CD
Fridge - Happiness 2X LP
Fridge - The Sun 2X LP
Grails - Acid Rain DVD
Grails - Burning Off Impurities 2X LP
Grails - Chalice Hymnal 2X LP
Grails - Deep Politics 2X LP
Grails - Doomsdayers Holiday LP
Grails - Take Refuge In Clean Living LP
Inventions - S/T CD
Ladies - They Mean Us CD
Lincoln - Repair And Reward LP
Lincoln - Repair And Reward CD
Majeure - Romance Language LP
Majeure - Solar Maximum LP
Maserati - Enter The Mirror CD
Maserati - Enter The Mirror LP
Maserati - Passages CD
Maserati - Rehumanizer CD
Maserati - Remixes 12"
Moholy-nagy - Like Mirage LP
Mono - For My Parents 2X LP
Mono - For My Parents CD
Mono - Gone CD
Mono - Hymn To The Immortal Wind 2X LP
Mono - One Step More And You Die CD
Mono - The Sky Remains The Same As Ever DVD
Mono - Walking Cloud And Deep Red Sky CD
Mono - You Are There 2X LP
Mono - You Are There CD
Parlour - S/T LP
Pinback - Information Retrieved LP
Pinback - Information Retrieved CD
Prints - S/T LP
Prints - S/T CD
Rachel Grimes - The Clearing CD
Rob Crow - Living Well CD
Sleeping People - Growing CD
Sleeping People - S/T LP
Systems Officer - Underslept LP
Tangents - Stateless LP
Three Mile Pilot - Maps LP
Three Mile Pilot - Planets/Grey Clouds 7"
Watter - This World LP
William Basinski - On Time Out Of Time LP
William Basinski - The Deluge LP
Young Widows - Easy Pain LP
Young Widows - Easy Pain CD
Young Widows - Old Wounds LP
Young Widows - Old Wounds CD
Young Widows / My Disco - Split 7"
Zammuto - Zammuto LP