VYDAVATEL:  Taken By Surprise
Audacity - Mellow Cruisers LP
Big Eyes - Almost Famous LP
Bloody Gears - Bloody Gears 7"
Briefs, The - Kids Laugh At You 7"
Canadian Rifle - Facts. 7"
Chemicals - Chemical Livin' LP
Daylight Robbery - Ecstatic Vision LP
Defect Defect - Defect Defect LP
Endless Column - Summer 7"
Irnini Mons - Irnini Mons LP
Lenguas Largas - Come On In LP
Loser Life - Friends With A Demon LP
Loser Life - My Hell 12"
Mandates - Suspicion 7"
Maniac - Demimonde LP
Mean Jeans - Are You Serious? LP
Mean Jeans - On Mars E.U. pressing LP
Mother's Children - Are You Tough Enough LP
Neighborhood Brats - Claw Marks LP
Neighborhood Brats - Confines Of Life LP
Neighborhood Brats - Night Shift 7"
Neighborhood Brats - Total Dementia 7"
Night Birds - The Other Side Of Darkness LP
Out On A Limb - Drowned LP
Piss Test - Leather Jackets In The Heat 7"
Piss Test - Piss Test LP
Savak - Beg Your Pardon LP
Sonic Avenues - Television Youth LP
Suspect Parts - s/t LP
The Cry! - Dangerous Game LP
The Cry! - The Cry! LP
The Mandates - The Mandates LP
W.H. Walker - DUDS! LP