A Frames - Black Forest LP
Afghan Whigs - Congregation 2X LP
Afghan Whigs - Congregation CD
Afghan Whigs - Do To The Beast 2X LP
Afghan Whigs - In Spades LP
Afghan Whigs - In Spades CD
Afghan Whigs - Up In It LP
Afghan Whigs - Up In It CD
Afghan Whigs - Uptown Avondale 12"
Album Leaf - A Chorus Of Storytellers CD
Album Leaf - Into The Blue Again CD
Arbor Labor Union - I Hear You 2X LP
Band Of Horses - Cease To Begin LP
Band Of Horses - Everything All The Time LP
Clipping - The Deep 12"
Comets On Fire - Avatar CD
Comets On Fire - Avatar LP
Daughn Gibson - Carnation LP
Daughn Gibson - Me Moan LP
Deaf Wish - Pain LP
Death Vessel - Island Intervals LP
Debby Friday - Good Luck LP
Descendents - Hypercaffium Spazzinate CD
Doldrums - The Air Conditioned Nightmare LP
Downtown Boys - Cost Of Living LP
Dum Dum Girls - End Of Daze 12"
Dum Dum Girls - Too True LP
Earth - Earth 2 CD
Earth - Phase 3 CD
Feedtime - Flatiron b/w Stick Up Jack 7"
Fleet Foxes - S/T CD
Foals - Antidotes LP
Frankie Cosmos - Inner World Peace LP
Fruit Bats - The Ruminant Band LP
Gas Huffer / Mudhoney - Split 7"
Grand Archives - s/t LP
Handsome Furs - Plague Park CD
Happy Birthday - s/t LP
Helio Sequence - Keep Your Eyes Ahead LP
Helio Sequence - Keep Your Eyes Ahead CD
Helio Sequence - Love And Distance LP
Helio Sequence - Negotiations 2X LP
Heron Oblivion - S/T LP
Hot Hot Heat - Knock Knock Knock CDEP
Hot Hot Heat - Make Up The Breakdown CD
Hot Snakes - Audit In Progress CD
Hot Snakes - Automatic Midnight LP
Hot Snakes - Jericho Sirens LP
Hot Snakes - Jericho Sirens CD
Hot Snakes - Suicide Invoice LP
Iron And Wine - Beast Epic CD
Iron And Wine - Boy With A Coin CD SINGLE
Iron And Wine - The Sea And The Rhythm CDEP
J Mascis - Circle 7"
J Mascis - Elastic Days LP
J Mascis - Elastic Days CD
J Mascis - Tied To A Star CD
Jaill - That's How We Burn LP
Jaill - Traps LP
King Tuff - S/T LP
King Tuff - Screaming Skull 7"
King Tuff - Smalltown Stardust LP
King Tuff - The Other LP
Kiwi Jr. - Cooler Returns LP
Kristin Kontrol - X-Communicate LP
L7 - Smell The Magic LP
LVL UP - Return To Love LP
Lanegan, Mark - Field Songs LP
Lanegan, Mark - Field Songs CD
Lanegan, Mark - Winding Sheet LP
Loma - Don't Shy Away LP
Loma - Loma LP
Love As Laughter - Destination 2000 CD
Love As Laughter - Laughter's CD
Low - C'mon LP
Low - C'mon CD
Low - Double Negative LP
Low - Hey What LP
Low - Hey What CD
Low - Ones And Sixes 2X LP
Low - Ones And Sixes CD
Low - Santa's Coming Over 7"
Low - The Invisible Way LP
Low ‎ - The Invisible Way CD
Luluc - Passerby LP
Makers - Strangest Parade LP
Makers - Strangest Parade CD
Male Bonding - Endless Now LP
Mark Sultan - Hold On 7"
Mass Gothic - s/t LP
Metz - Atlas Vending LP
Metz - Atlas Vending CD
Metz - Atlas Vending MC
Metz - Automat LP
Metz - II LP
Metz - S/T LP
Metz - Strange Peace CD
Metz - Strange Peace LP
Moaning - Uneasy Laughter LP
Monkey Wrench - Clean As Broke CD
Mudhoney - Digital Garbage LP
Mudhoney - Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge CD
Mudhoney - Lucky Ones LP
Mudhoney - Lucky Ones CD
Mudhoney - March To Fuzz 2X CD
Mudhoney - New World Charm 7"
Mudhoney - Plastic Eternity CD
Mudhoney - S/T CD
Mudhoney - Sonic Infusion 7"
Mudhoney - Superfuzz Bigmuff LP
Mudhoney - Vanishing Point LP
Mudhoney - Vanishing Point CD
Murder City Devils - R.i.p. CD
Nebula - Charged CD
Nirvana - Bleach CD
Nirvana - Bleach LP
Nirvana - Bleach Deluxe 2X LP
No Age - An Object LP
No Age - Eraser 7"
No Age - Everything In Between LP
No Age - Glitter + 1 7" Version 7"
No Age - Glitter + 2 12" Version 12"
No Age - Losing Feeling 12"
No Age - Nouns CD
No Age - Teen Creeps 7"
Obits - Bed & Bugs LP
Obits - Bed & Bugs CD
Obits - I Blame You CD
Obits - Moody, Standard And Poor CD
Orville Peck - Pony LP
Perfect Son - Cast LP
Pissed Jeans - Honeys LP
Pissed Jeans - Hope For Men LP
Pissed Jeans - Live at the BBC LP
Pissed Jeans - Shallow LP + 7"
Pissed Jeans - Why Love Now LP
Pissed Jeans - Why Love Now CD
Pleasure Forever - Alter CD
Pleasure Forever - S/T CD
Poor Moon - S/T LP
Postal Service - Give Up CD
Quasi - Breaking The Balls Of History LP
Rose Windows - Sun Dogs 2X LP
Rose Windows - Sun Dogs CD
Rose Windows - There Is A Light 7"
Rye Coalition - Got This Thing 7"
Saint Etienne - Good Humor CD
Saint Etienne - Travel Edition CD
Shearwater - Animal Joy LP
Shearwater - Fellow Travelers LP
Shins - Chutes Too Narrow LP
Shins - Chutes Too Narrow CD
Shins - Oh Inverted World LP
Shins - Oh Inverted World CD
Shins - Wincing The Night Away CD
Sleater-kinney - Call The Doctor LP
Sleater-kinney - Dig Me Out LP
Sleater-kinney - Dig Me Out CD
Sleater-kinney - Entertain 7"
Sleater-kinney - No Cities To Love LP
Sleater-kinney - No Cities To Love CD
Sleater-kinney - One Beat LP
Sleater-kinney - Sleater-Kinney LP
Sleater-kinney - The Hot Rock LP
Sleater-kinney - The Woods CD
Sleater-kinney - The Woods DVD + CD
So Pitted - neo LP
Soundgarden - Screaming Life/Fopp 2X LP
Strange Wilds - Standing b/w Never Warm 7"
Strange Wilds - Subjective Concepts LP
Sunny Day Real Estate - Diary CD
Supersuckers - Greatest CD
THEESatisfaction - Earthee LP
TV Priest - My Other People LP
TV Priest - Uppers LP
Tad - 8-Way Santa LP
Tad - 8-Way Santa (Deluxe Edition) CD
Tad - God’s Balls (Deluxe Edition) CD
Tad - Salt Lick LP
Tad - Salt Lick (Deluxe Edition) CD
Tiny Vipers - Hands Across The Void CD
Twilight Singers - Dynamite Steps CD
U-Men - U-Men 3X LP BOX
V/A - Sub Pop 1000 LP
Weird Nightmare - Weird Nightmare LP
Wolf Eyes - Burned Mind CD
Wolf Eyes - Human Animal CD
Wolf Eyes - The Driller 12"
Wolf Parade - Expo 86 2X LP
Wolf Parade - Thin Mind LP