GENRE:  Grunge
Alice In Chains - Dirt LP
Cosmic Psychos - Go The Hack LP
Dinosaur Jr. - Green Mind MC
Dream Ritual - s/t LP
Gits - Seafish Louisville LP
Green River - Come On Down 12"
Green River - Dry As A Bone CD
Green River - Rehab Doll CD
Jawbreaker - Etc. 2X LP
L7 - Fast And Frightening 2X LP
L7 - Smell The Magic LP
Lid - In The Mushroom LP
Melvins - Crybaby CD
Melvins - Houdini LP
Melvins - Houdini Live 2005 CD
Melvins - King Buzzo LP
Melvins - Stag LP
Melvins - Working With God CD
Melvins - Working With God LP
Metz - II LP
Metz - S/T LP