ŽÁNR:  Power Pop
B Girls, the - Bad Not Evil (Pink vinyl) LP
Boys - Boys Only (Orange vinyl) LP
Boys - To Hell With The Boys LP
Cheap Time - Cheap Time LP
Collins Paul - Feel The Noise LP
Collins Paul - King Of Power Pop LP
Collins Paul - Out Of My Head LP
Jack And The Rippers - I Think It's Over LP
Jam, The - Setting Sons CD
Merton Parkas - Face In The Crowd LP
Neighborhood Brats - Confines Of Life LP
Pansy Division - Quite Contrary LP
Paul Collins Band - Flying High LP
Paul Collins Band - Ribbon Of Gold LP
Red Lights - Red Lights LP
Sicko - You Are Not The Boss Of Me CD
Steve Adamyk Band - High Above 7"
The Rememberables - Breathe LP