ŽÁNR:  Pop Rock
Ariel Pink's Haunted - Before Today LP
Astrid Williamson - Boy For You CD
B.C. Camplight - Hide, Run Away CD
Baker, Julien - Turn Out The Lights LP
Buzzcocks - The Way MC
Buzzcocks - The Way CD
Grant Hart - Hot Wax LP
Jam, The - Setting Sons LP
Jam, The - Sound Affects LP
Jam, The - This Is The Modern World LP
Levy - Glorious CD
Libertines - Up The Bracket LP
Lowe, Nick - The Impossible Bird LP
Matt Pond PA - Several Arrows Later LP
Morrissey - This Is Morrissey LP
Neon Indian - VEGA INTL. Night School LP
Nikki Sudden - The Bible Belt LP
Patsy's Rats - Rounding Up 7"
Pretty Things - Parachute LP
Proud Parents - Proud Parents LP
Rasmus, The - Dark Matters LP
Rasmus, The - Dark Matters CD