ŽÁNR:  Heavy Metal
16 - Dream Squasher CD
A Perfect Murder - Unbroken CD
Abandoned - Killed By Faith LP
Acephalix - Interminable Night LP
Agrimonia - Awaken CD
Alchemist - Austral Alien CD
All Out War - Condemned To Suffer CD
Amebix - Monolith CD
Amebix - Sonic Mass LP
Amebix - Sonic Mass CD
Amon Amarth - The Avenger LP
Anthrax - Worship Music LP
Baptists - Bushcraft LP
Baptists - Bushcraft CD
Baroness - Blue Record CD
Baroness - Blue Record 2X LP
Bathory - Hammerheart 2X LP
Bathory - Octagon LP
Bathory - Requiem LP
Big Business - Command Your Weather CD
Big Business - The Beast You Are CD
Big Business - The Beast You Are (BONE) LP