ŽÁNR:  Hard Rock
Abhinanda - The Rumble LP
Baroness - Yellow And Green 2X CD
Beach Rats - Wasted Time 7"
Beatsteaks - Launched LP
Boris - Heavy Rocks (2011) CD
Cult - Pure Cult: Singles 1984-1995 2X LP
D.R.I. - Dealing With It CD
Danko Jones - Below The Belt LP
Danko Jones - Sleep Is The Enemy LP
Dead Child - Attack LP
Death - North St. 7"
Dirty Streets - Blades Of Grass LP
Elder - Lore MC
Electric Citizen - Higher Time LP
F.U.'s - Kill For Christ CD
Faith No More - Album Of The Year LP
Faith No More - Angel Dust 2X LP
Faith No More - Introduce Yourself LP
Freya - Lift The Curse CD
Fuzz, The - Fuzz LP
Fuzz, The - Fuzz CD
Fuzz, The - II 2X LP
Gersch - The Gersch LP
Gersch - The Gersch CD
Graveyard - Peace (COLORED) LP