Ancestors - Invisible White LP
Ancestors - Neptune With Fire LP
Ancestors - Of Sound Mind 2X LP
Atomic Bitchwax - Gravitron LP
Atomic Bitchwax - Tab 4 LP
Blaak Heat - Shifting Mirrors LP
Carousel - Jewelers Daughter LP
Comet Control - s/t LP
Drunk Horse - In Tongues CD
Earthless - From The Ages CD
Earthless - Live At Roadburn CD
Earthless / Harsh Toke - split LP
Eerie - Eerie LP
Eldopa - S/T CD
Entrance - Prayer Of Death CD
Fogg - High Testament LP
Graveyard - S/T LP
Graveyard - S/T CD
Harsh Toke - Light Up And Live LP
Hopewell - Good Good Desperation 7"
Hot Lunch - S/T LP
Iron Age - Sleeping Eye LP
Joy - Ride Along! LP
Kalas - kalas CD
Lecherous Gaze - One Fifteen LP
Lecherous Gaze - Zeta Reticuli Blues LP
Mirror Queen - Scaffolds Of The Sky LP
Naam - Naam CD
Naam - S/T 2X LP
Naam - Vow LP
Night Horse - Perdition Hymns 2X LP
Nordic Normadic - Worldwide Skyline LP
Priestess - Prior To The Fire 2X LP
Sacri Monti - s/t LP
Saint James Society - Babylon Rising LP
Shrine - Bless Off CD
Shrine - Napalm + Hellride 7"
Shrine - Primitive Blast LP
Simon, Jason - Jason Simon LP
Skull, the - For Those Which Are Asleep LP
Sweet Apple - Love & Desperation LP
Sweet Apple - Sing The Night In Sorrow LP
Sweet Apple - The Golden Age Of Glitter LP
Sweet Apple - The Golden Age Of Glitter CD
Teeth Of The Hydra - Greenland LP
Warlocks - The Mirror Explodes LP
Wasif, Imaad - The Voidist LP
Weird Owl - Ever The Silver LP
Witch - Paralyzed LP
Witch - S/T CD
Witch - Witch (Gold splatter vinyl) LP