VYDAVATEL:  Secretly Canadian
Antony And The Johnsons - I Am Bird Now CD
Antony And The Johnsons - Swanlights CD
Ativin - Night Mute CD
Bodies Of Water - A Certain Feeling LP
Catfish Haven - Devastator CD
Catfish Haven - Devastator LP
Catfish Haven - Tell Me CD
Catfish Haven - Tell Me LP
Damien Jurado - Maraqopa LP
Damien Jurado - The Horizon Just Laughed LP
Damien Jurado - Where Shall You Take Me CD
Early Day Miners - All Harm Ends Here LP
Early Day Miners - Offshore CD
Early Day Miners - Treatment LP
Foreign Born - Person To Person LP
Frida Hyvönen - Silence Is Wild LP
Impossible Shapes - Horus CD
Jason Molina - Eight Gates LP
Lekman, Jens - An Argument With Myself 12"
Lekman, Jens - I Know What Love Isnt LP
Lekman, Jens - Life Will See You Now LP
Magnolia Electric Co - Fading Trails LP
Magnolia Electric Co - Josephine CD
Magnolia Electric Co - Josephine LP
Molina And Johnson - S/T LP
Porridge Radio - Every Bad LP
Songs: Ohia - Axxess & Ace CD
Songs: Ohia - Ghost Tropic CD
Songs: Ohia - Ghost Tropic LP
Songs: Ohia - Impala CD
Songs: Ohia - S/T CD
Songs: Ohia - S/T LP
Songs: Ohia - The Lioness LP
Suuns - Felt (CLEAR) LP
Suuns - Hold/Still LP
Suuns - Images Du Futur LP
Suuns ‎ - Zeroes QC LP
Throw Me The Statue - Creaturesque LP
Throw Me The Statue - Moonbeams CD
War On Drugs - Slave Ambient CD
Zero Boys - History Of Zero Boys CD
Zero Boys - History Of Zero Boys LP
Zero Boys - Vicious Circle CD
Zero Boys - Vicious Circle LP