VYDAVATEL:  Radiation
4 Skins - Low Life LP
Accident - Kill The Bee Gees 7"
Agnes Strange - Strange Flavour LP
Alternative TV - The Image Has Cracked MC
Anti Pasti - The Last Call LP
Attak - Zombies LP
Barbed Wire - Age That Didnt Care LP
Broken Bones - Bonecrusher LP
Broken Bones - Decapitated LP
Broken Bones - F.O.A.D. LP
Business - Suburban Rebels LP
Chron Gen - Chronic Generation LP
Crude Ss - Who'll Survive LP LP
Disorder - Singles Collection LP
Exploited - Punks Not Dead LP
G.B.H. - Live At The Ace Brixton 1983 LP
Iggy And The Stooges - Move Ass Baby 2X LP
Impact - Attraverso L'Involucro LP
John´s Children - Orgasm LP
Kids - Naughty Kids LP
Kids - The Kids MC
Kids - The Kids LP
Morricone, Ennio - Female LP
Nuns - Rumania LP
Octopus - Restless Night LP
Partisans - Time Was Right LP
Red Alert - We've Got The Power LP
Red London - This Is England LP
Simpletones - California LP
Total Chaos - Early Years 1989-1993 LP
Undead, The - The Killing Of Reality LP
Varukers - Bloodsuckers LP
Vibrators - Guilty LP