Ails - The Unraveling LP
All Your Sisters - Trust Ruins LP
Bell Witch - Demo 2011 LP
Bell Witch - Longing 2X LP
Black Wing - ... is Doomed LP
Boduf Songs - Stench Of Exist CD
Boduf Songs - Stench Of Exist LP
Bosse-De-Nage - All Fours 2X LP
Bosse-De-Nage - Further Still LP
Bosse-De-Nage - Further Still CD
Bosse-De-Nage - II 2X LP
Bosse-De-Nage - III 2X LP
Botanist - VI: Flora LP
Eight Bells - Captain's Daughter LP
Elizabeth Colour Wheel - Nocebo LP
Father Murphy - Croce LP
Grayceon - Pearl And The End Of Days LP
Have A Nice Life - Sea Of Worry LP
Have A Nice Life - The Unnatural World LP
Heat Dust - Heat Dust LP
Kayo Dot - Coffins On Io LP
Kayo Dot - Plastic House On Base Of Sky LP
King Woman - Doubt LP
Lake Of Blood - As Time And Tide Erodes LP
Low Estate - Covert Cult Of Death LP
Lycus - Demo Mmxi LP
Mamaleek - Via Dolorosa LP
Mastery - Valis LP
Muscle And Marrow - Love LP
Obolus - Lament 10"
Panopticon - Kentucky 2X LP
Panopticon / Vestiges - Split LP
Planning For Burial - Below The House LP
Planning For Burial - Desideratum LP
Planning For Burial - Quietly LP
RLYR - Actual Existence LP
Sannhet - Revisionist LP
Street Sects - End Position LP
Street Sects - Rat Jacket 12"
Street Sects - The Kicking Mule LP
Sutekh Hexen / Hissing - Split LP
Trevor de Brauw - Uptown LP
Vale - Burden of Sight LP
Vaura - Missing 2X LP
White Suns - Psychic Drift LP
White Suns - Totem LP
Wreck And Reference ‎ - No Youth LP